Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System
Much of loss in fire accidents can be avoided with on time action. But it takes no time for fires to spread. A Fire Alarm System is an active fire protection system that detects fire or the effects of fire, and as a result provides one or more of the following: notifies the occupants, notifies persons in the surrounding area, summons the fire service, and controls all the fire alarm components in a building. Fire alarm systems can include alarm initiating devices, alarm notification appliances, control units, fire safety control devices, Annunciator, power supplies, and wiring

Burglar Alarm

Banks and jewelry shops are examples of businesses that need high security. By using burglar alarms the security that these businesses need is met. In fact, they are being required by their insurance companies to have the most complex and effective burglar alarm that they can have. The higher the security needed the more complex the burglar alarm must be. Security and disaster alarms are no longer new to most people.

These devices have already been available for quite some time now and have been continuously innovated. These deterrent instruments are usually found in business establishments. The very reason for installing such devices is for protection of properties against attempted burglary and destructive disasters like fire

Addressable fire Panel

  •  Appollo (Xplorer, EX95 and Disovery) Hochiki (ESP)
  •  System sensor PC configuraion software (optional)
  •  Onboard diagnostics
  •  Event Logging
  •  40 fire zone LEDS
  •  500mA universal loop drive

Conventional fire Panel

  •  Fully confirms is 2189 : 1988 16swg rugged crca with powder coated finish
  •  Operates on 230v, a.c. supply
  •  Battery backup with built in charging 16x2 lcd dot matrix display

Smoke detector system sensor

Heat detector system sensor

Manual call point

Hooter fire

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