Live Transimmision

Live Transmission

Protocol Live streaming services allow you to stream live videos on your website and deliver your video product to the Internet using our high-speed network and Windows Media platform

Live Transmission
Our streaming process was designed to emulate the viewing conditions that may be present at the end user side. The process was designed to digitize and compress complex imagery and fast movements for a high-quality viewing experience.
If the image involves low contrast, fast movement, or when viewed at full screen, which will leads to breakdown of video encoding. Considering these factors our process as refined to minimize the choppy effects while watching streaming video over the Internet

When determining the cost to stream the video files, several factors have to be considered. Some of the factors that are considered are: the quality needed when the number of viewers added, and the type of event. We know that this process appears to be intimidating but it is really much simpler than you might think, and the cost has many manageable variables
Setting up the process on your end is also simple, easy and hassle-free. Our Tech Support engineers will be able to provide all the help and assistance that you may need
We can help you decide if you need the absolute highest quality image at normal delivery cost or a basic quality image that results in a smaller file size and lower delivery cost

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